Teco  continuous flow grain dryerContinuous mixed-flow grain dryers for optimal drying performance


Custom-designed to your unique needs

Efficient, reliable commodity drying throughout the world

Easy to install and maintain

Used around the world!

Standard dryer capacities for standard grade corn range from 355 bph (10.6 mtph) to 11,340 bph (340.5 mtph), however Teco  Dryers are used for a wide variety of commodities including:


The highest technology in grain drying systems. 
Teco Co. specialty 

The innovative design of Teco Co. dryers and their drying system is nowadays recognized both in the domestic and international market which helped the company become a leader in this field. 

Specialized in I & D and grain drying systems development. 

Teco Co. annual production capacity leads the market: 321 drying equipments (850 modules of 20 tn / H) that achieve a capacity of 17,000 t / h of drying. 


General technical features 

The design of Teco Co. drying system can also be called mixed flow, because it combines the existing systems of columns and trestles. 

In these types of systems, the product to be dried goes down through columns (without perforated sheet) that have half trestles inside. 

This combination generates a zig-zag movement of the dried grain, which is accompanied by air at high temperature during a section of the columns, followed by a zone of tempering in which there is no air circulation inside the grain mass until it is crossed once again by another stream of hot air. These "flashes" of exposure to heat and waiting times occur several times as the grain goes down through the columns of the dryer. 


Teco Co. enhances benefits: maximum quality at the lowest cost 
Teco Co. grain dryers can get an even drying with minimal energy consumption. 

High drying quality 

The design of the columns that transport the grains makes the air be distrubuted homogenously. 

The mixed flow of the grain that goes down the column offers low resistance to the passage of air. This design reduces the energy consumption, maintaining a large volume of specific flow. 

The grain mass descends on a zig-zag way into the column and when the grain is performing its ratation movement it is surrounded by an even stream of hot air. This air boosts energy transmission and absorbs moisture. As a result of this efficient operation, the output of grain ton in process is highly increased. 

Cyclic tempering system 

Cyclic tempering improves the migration of moisture towards the outer layer of the grain. This system alternates the hot air circulation periods and the waiting times during the downward movement of the grain mass inside the column. 

Teco Co. self-cleaning system 

Teco Co. has developed a simple and reliable system that prevents the formation of bindings or potential sources of ignition. As no interference occurs in the grain fall during the drying process, a part of light particles fall on the discharge hopper, while the remaining particles are directed towards the fans, which lead them to the light particle collection system. This design ensures a drying body with no interferences at all. 

Teco Co. discharge system 

Teco Co. discharge system, with its exclusive sweeping plate, guarantees the proportionality of the tons to be discharged according to the regulation of the drying flow speed. This electronic procedure consists of the simple movement of a knob that increases or decreases discharge velocity. 

Teco Co. equipment prevents grain breakage and has minimum maintenance requirements and low electrical power (0.5 HP per 140 Tn of drying). 

Rotary Drum Cleaner with Aspiration Unit 

Teco Co. modular system 

The original Teco Co. self-supporting module system makes the equipment capacity meet any particular needs. The equipment provides structural rigidity and scalability, that means that it can increase the number of modules through a practical and simple system. 

Teco Co. Mounting on site 

Teco Co. modular design guarantees a safe and fast assembly, which means that most part of the module assembling process is carried out on the floor. Once the modules are fully finished, they are lifted and placed using a crane, which drastically reduces any kind of height working. 

All supervisors and operators are trained and qualified in the plant in order to perform this type of tasks. 

Rules adopted by Teco Co. 

As part of the process of continuous improvement of its products and services, Ingeniería TECO . holds ISO 9001: 2000 (RINA) certfication as well as approvals for the operation of its equipment in different parts of the world: CE certification; Certificate of Technical Aptitude (Bureau Veritas Argentina); Certificate of Conformity (GOST-R); Certificate of Use (RTN - Burner Dryer); Epidemiological Health Certificate (GGTN); Internal regulations of the client; Fire protection networks (NFPA). 

Digital board 

Through a touch screen, the operator can control the operation of the dryer throughout the whole process. He just has to choose the type of



















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পশুখাদ্যের সরঞ্জাম, পশুসম্পদ সুবিধা, শূকর খামারের গুদামগুলি, হাঁস ঘরবাড়ি, ঘন ঘন প্রকল্প, জল ট্যাংক, মেটাল ক্ল্যাডিং, মেটাল ক্ল্যাডিং, মেটাল স্ট্রাকচারস

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