Technical Resources 
Teco Pazarlam LTD has modern Tool Machines (laser cutting machines, punching machines, CNC crimping machines, robots), CAD Programs for 3D and 2D designs (AutoCAd - Inventor), CAM Program RADAN (Computer Aided Manufacturing for manufacture), ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning), and SIFAB for management (a system that enables technological advances to be implemented).

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Human Resources

People are the largest asset of Ingeniería Teco Co. Interdisciplinary teams of professionals, engineers, technicians, draughtsmen and programmers generate new projects, manage and execute continuous improvements of products and services.

The management team determines goals and objectives based on analysis of opportunities and leads the development of the activities of our value chain.

 After Sales 

Ingenieria Teco Co. Qualification Program and Training team, made up of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in products and services, has the necessary skills to respond effectively to customer demand due to their vast knowledge of the operation and maintenance of products .


The training courses and seminars provided by this team are implemented at the customer s address, at the project s installation site or Ingenieria Teco Co 

The trainings are in charge of:

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Quality Policies 
A - The Company assumes the total commitment and unconditional involvement, with all the planned and systematic activities assuring this way the Quality management effective, with the mission of satisfying the client. 

B - Our success is measured with customer satisfaction. Our future depends on the partnership we make with clients, suppliers and our staff. Only with our common work, in an environment of trust and respect, will we achieve success. 

C - All the actions of the Company and its staff are directed to comply with what is specified in each product, work or service, satisfying the client s both explicit and implicit needs, always hoping to exceed the expectations of those who hire us, assuming this as the only way to be successful in business, to achieve the objectives of continuous improvement and permanence in the market. 

D - Our history is to find innovative solutions to complex problems. 

E - The Company adopts ISO 9001 and continuous improvement of operations as a stepping stone for Total Quality. 

F - To Generate Quality Objectives that allow us to properly monitor Certified Processes. 

G - Our people are the company. We offer a positive work environment, with support and encouragement in continuous learning, so that each employee develops his full potential. We learn from mistakes, we solve them. We do not punish them. 

H - The Company adopts a Total Quality System, aimed at making transparent the integral management of the business, assuring confidence to the customers, to the community and to the employees of the company. 

International Certifications

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In The World 
Consult for different financing alternatives in the rest of the world


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